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The Labor/Management Health Care Coalition of the Upper Midwest (LMHCC) is a non-profit 501(c)(6) organization that was founded to provide labor and management organization members and other participating member organizations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota with better healthcare through preferred pricing program options. The LMHCC began in 2001 with a small steering group. The International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (IFEBP) was a great resource and provided support for a one-day conference in Minneapolis to launch the Coalition.


Through education, cooperation and outreach, the LMHCC currently represents over 40 member funds, most of which are Taft Hartley Health & Welfare Funds. These funds are usually self-insured and managed by a joint Labor/Management Trusteeship that has a fiduciary responsibility and incentives to make the best value decisions in purchasing health care services for their members. More and more labor and management organizations are choosing to be proactive in providing the members with higher quality health care at cost-effective pricing.


The LMHCC provides programs and services to improve health care policy, education, value purchasing, and data. Value Based Purchasing brings the collective leverage of over 270,000 covered lives to the health care marketplace to provide better costs and quality for members, their workers, and families. While the cost of care is a major consideration, improved quality and value are also important factors. In many major specialty care areas, the best quality can produce the lowest costs for members.


Mission Statement:


Through education, cooperation and outreach, to assist Taft-Hartley and public health and welfare funds in the Upper Midwest to provide quality healthcare for participants and beneficiaries of Coalition members at an effective cost.



  • Economics – The Healthcare Coalition will help Coalition members reduce healthcare related costs and expenses.

  • Benefits – The Healthcare Coalition will assist Coalition members in purchasing efficient healthcare services, improving the quality of existing benefit packages, and where appropriate, designing new benefit packages for participants and beneficiaries of Coalition members.

  • Legal/Legislative – The Healthcare Coalition will monitor state and federal legislation and judicial proceedings that affect Coalition members.

  • Best Practices – The Healthcare Coalition will facilitate the sharing of information among Coalition members for the purpose of improving the purchasing, administration, evaluation and delivery of services and products provided by Coalition members to their participants and beneficiaries.


Todd Huber

Executive Director of the Labor/Management Health Care Coalition of the Upper Midwest apple valley Minnesota

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