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Labor Management Health Care Coalition Programs

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VSP® Vision Care

Your members deserve the personalized, affordable eyecare that only a VSP vision plan can deliver. Because VSP offers a wide range of plans at reasonable prices, adding a VSP benefit can be an inexpensive collective bargaining strategy your members will really appreciate.

You'll also be helping to keep your members healthier. During a WellVision Exam®, VSP Preferred Providers can detect signs of chronic conditions, including diabetes and high blood pressure, before symptoms emerge.

Exceptional Plans

  • Covered-in-full eyecare plans ensure uniform benefits and services nationwide.
  • Plans offer full coverage for eye exams and allowances for glasses or contact lenses, and VSP is experienced in converting allowance schedules to full-service plans.
  • The standard frame allowance fully covers 57% of all frames available.
  • Discounts and cost controls on lens options and additional pairs of glasses and sunglasses ensure maximum member savings.
  • All plans include Eye Health Management®, designed to keep members' eyes healthy for a lifetime and support overall wellness.

World-class Customer Service

  • 96% of labor members rate their overall satisfaction with VSP good to excellent.
  • For six years running, SQM Group Inc. has designated VSP's call center a "World Class Customer Service Call Center."
  • VSP's 500 customer service representatives are based in the U.S. at our headquarters in California and Ohio.

Quality Care

  • The VSP Network includes 40,000 doctor access points nationwide, offering complete coverage for multistate and national labor organizations or contracts.
  • VSP providers can accommodate members' challenging schedules—88% offer early morning, late evening, or weekend hours.
  • VSP providers are held to the highest standards and use Evidence-Based EyecareSM, which includes best-practice medical guidelines, comprehensive eye exam standards, and coordination of care with the patient's primary care physician.

About VSP

VSP is the nation's leading provider of eyecare benefits with 55 million members—that's one in six people in the U.S.

Experienced in Labor Benefits

  • Taft-Hartley trust funds were among our first customers.
  • Today, VSP provides benefits to millions of members through nearly 600 labor contracts and many VSP single-employer clients have eyecare plans as a result of collective bargaining agreements with labor organizations.
  • VSP owns and operates an ophthalmic lab organized by the Teamsters Local 150. And our contract lab network includes more than 10 facilities with union affiliations.

Members can always access benefit information or find a doctor at or by calling 800.877.7195

For more information:

Ronda Meyer, CEBS
Market Director VSP Vision Care
Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota
Cell: (832) 477-7203

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