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3rd Quarter 2018

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LMHCC endorses USPM to offer members a comprehensive wellness, prevention, and disease management program.

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LMHCC endorses HearPO to offer members more options for hearing health savings.

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1st Quarter 2013

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LMHCC New Branded Prescription Discount Drug Card

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IFEBP Benefit Magazine June 2012 – Executive Director Rubbelke Interview

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The $2.9 trillion annual spent in our current healthcare system represents 1/6 of the entire U.S. economy. The impact of rising costs is felt in many ways by employers, workers and their families.

Employers: According to an annual survey conducted by the National Business Group on Health, a nonprofit organization whose members include 66 Fortune 100 companies, employers expect their cost of healthcare benefits to rise 7 percent in 2014. The anticipated uptick would mark the second straight year that costs have climbed this quickly. “Rising healthcare costs remain a serious concern of U.S. employers, especially in light of the slow-growing economy. Employers worry about the very low growth in wages, and fear healthcare forces threaten to drive up costs even higher.” – Helen Darling, President and CEO, National Business Group on Health.

Consumers: The combination of forces described above continues to drive a decade long transformation to a consumer-centric, retail marketplace. The result is more consumers will be selecting their own health insurance, deciding where and how they receive care and ultimately paying more expenses out of their own pocket. These individuals are in search of trusted organizations that have their best interests at heart, help them navigate a complex healthcare system, and lower out-of-pocket expenses.

Combine this trend with consumers’ natural desire to live longer, have a higher quality life, particularly self-centric baby boomers, and you have a consolidation of extraordinarily powerful forces that are driving enormous value creation opportunities for the entities consumers look to for solutions.


  • The Preventive Plan™ – A roadmap to better health with three tiers of preventive medicine. Primary – Health Risk Assessment. Secondary– Biometric Screening (blood test results). Tertiary – Disease Management.
  • The Preventive Score™ – A personalized health score based on an aggregation of each individual’s critical-to-health metrics.
  • Connectivity & Availability – Connected solutions that “go where you go.” Desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
  • Ease-of-Use – Application of leading edge technologies, both hardware and application based, facilitating an intuitive, interactive and differentiated consumer experience.
  • A Wide Range of Activities – Individual and team oriented Action Plans and Challenge Activities drive health awareness, participation and influence critical-to-health metrics including The Preventive Score.
  • Instant Gratification – Real time updating of information and point rewards based on activity participation.

USPM - Our Company

U.S. Preventive Medicine (USPM) is a privately held, global company headquartered in Jacksonville, FL. USPM is focused on improving the quality of life, saving lives, and reducing costs by providing individuals with a roadmap to better health. The Preventive Plan and Mobile Health Manager are innovative consumer-centered products delivered via the web and mobile devices – tablets and smart phones. Our approach focuses on consumer engagement and is based on the clinical science of preventive medicine.

  • Primary – Wellness and Health Promotion
  • Secondary – Screening for early detection/diagnosis
  • Tertiary – Early evidence-based treatment to reduce complications and disability

USPM provides products and services that allow health risk bearing entities including employers, health plans, providers, as well as consumers, lower their healthcare costs by producing better outcomes. The company is accredited in wellness and health promotion by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and disease management by URAC.

Preventive Starts Here
U.S. Preventive Medicine ( is committed to providing members innovative wellness, chronic disease management, concierge and care advocacy, and executive health services – all based on the clinical science of preventive medicine. The company is one of the few accredited in wellness and health promotion by NCQA as well as disease management by URAC.

USPM has developed a suite of preventive medicine, early detection and chronic condition management products and services that improve health outcomes while reducing health care costs. Every person at the company is working relentlessly to deliver the "ultimate health and wellness experience" to more people so they can one day give everyone more good years.

The Preventive Plan™, the Company’s flagship product, is available to both employers and individuals. The Preventive Plan is backed by a highly distinguished medical board to ensure recommended health actions are based on accepted medical protocols and clinical indicators.

Results of the program’s significant effectiveness in a year-long research study –which showed reduced health risks, including blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure – were reported in the peer-reviewed Population Health Management journal.

The Preventive Plan CM™ brings intensive disease management resources to individuals with costly chronic conditions. The Plan identifies an individual’s current and future health risks through a detailed health risk assessment, extensive lab work and biometric measurements. Based on these findings, the Member receives a personalized Preventive Plan, along with access to numerous online tools and ongoing support and coaching from a dedicated RN Advocate.

The Preventive Process
The health specialists at The Preventive Plan complete an analysis of your current and future health risks. You are then provided with a clinically sound roadmap to feeling better, looking better and being in the best health possible. Plus, it’s completely confidential. You can be assured LMHCC and your insurance company will never see your personal information.

By focusing on three key dimensions – assessment, intervention and rewards – The Preventive Plan motivates members to make lasting behavior changes that lower their health risks and make them healthier and happier.

For more information:

Scott Helfrich
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
U.S. Preventive Medicine, Inc.
12724 Gran Bay Pkwy W., Suite 150
Jacksonville, FL 32258
tel: 904.562.6304