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Labor Management Health Care Coalition Programs

Pharmacy Benefit Management Services (PBM)

The Labor/Management Health Care Coalition has developed a pharmacy program that is designed to save its members money on a per-member, per-month (PMPM) basis. We have worked to provide a program that eliminates the back-end moving parts that drive costs up year after year.

What This Program Provides

  • A pharmacy program that looks beneath the water line and negotiates the items that you may not have the expertise to fully understand.
  • A pharmacy consultant to help you understand your pharmacy program and to evaluate its value to you. These fees are paid by the Coalition.

Benefit Flexibility

  • Largest pharmacy network available.
  • Management of the Back-Room programs that misalign objectives between the Prescription Benefit Managers and the Plan Sponsor.
  • Administrative fees and rebate sharing based on 350,000 lives available to all groups, large and small.
  • The ability to opt in or out of all programs.
  • Direct contracting relationship with PBM partner.

Managing The Details Provides Results

  • Trend rates of between -4% and 7%, compared with national published trend rates of 15% to 17%.
  • Decreased average gross cost per claim 9%.

Why Does This Program Work?

We are able to leverage our buying power with our PBM expertise to eliminate hidden fees, charges, commissions, and incentives from drug manufacturers. This helps us ensure that all programs operate in your best interest.

We work on your behalf. We are stronger together than individually.

Please contact the Coalition for additional information.