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Labor Management Health Care Coalition Programs

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Preventative Care Services (Health Dynamics)

The Labor/Management Healthcare Coalition of the Upper Midwest is proud to announce its endorsement of Health Dynamics, a leader in the Preventive Care field with a proven track record for Labor Union Health Funds over the last 22 years. Their comprehensive approach to preventive care, year-round accessibility to providers in our region, and cost-effective pricing structure were found to be unmatched.

Please review the following information to better understand how this powerful prevention program could positively impact your members health, thereby reduce unnecessary utilization and the high cost of treatment-focused health care.

HEALTH DYNAMICS MISSION AND APPROACH: The Health Dynamics Preventive Care Program is designed to help individuals achieve and maintain optimal health and fitness with resultant savings in health care costs to the participant Health Funds.

Health Dynamics uses a series of screening test for the purpose of detecting disease in its early stages. This early detection system allows for more effective treatment, improved health outcomes and reduced costs for treatment vs. detecting disease in later stages or after symptoms appear. The screening tests results are also used as the platform to help individuals focus on improving individual lifestyle choices in the areas of fitness, nutrition, and stress management, which are the foundation of long-term wellness.

PROGRAM PROVIDER ACCESSIBILITY: The Health Dynamics Program is already serving several Coalition Health Funds with great success. An existing provider network is in place, reaching across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, North Dakota and South Dakota. Their total network extends across 13 states and Health Dynamics will work directly with you to identify your membership/Fund needs, striving to develop or enhance the existing provider network as indicated by member population density .

BENEFIT COVERAGE: A unique and noteworthy feature of The Health Dynamics program is that it is typically covered as an option within the Annual Routine Care or Preventive Care benefit of most Coalition member Health Fund Plans.

1) Comprehensive Health History Questionnaire: includes dietary analysis

2) Medical Exam: Lab analysis (40+ blood and urine tests), EKG, Blood pressure, pulmonary function, physician directed exam, colorectal cancer, breast screening mammogram, chest x-ray, PSA, and a stress inventory.

3) Fitness Evaluation: Body composition evaluation (including height and weight), orthopedic evaluation including both strength and flexibility, Sub maximal cardiovascular fitness including active Blood pressure.

* Components #2 and #3 are completed in 2 1/2 hour or less.

4) Personal Wellness Coaching/Consultation Session (30-60 mins): The personalized health education session will be made available to the participant member and or spouse subsequent to to exam day. Individually tailored recommendations will be provided based on individual needs in the medical, fitness (individual exercise prescription), and nutrition areas.

5) Individual Report: All participants will receive a report booklet containing their test results. The results booklet describes/quantifies current and prior levels of health risk with annual comparative analysis. Information will outline recommendations for continued health improvement.

6) Aggregate Report and Cost Benefit Analysis: Each participant Health Fund will receive an annual report that outlines the years aggregate results, highlighting the groups assessed risk factors. This report contains quantitative analysis detailing the entire group that year, as well as comparative analysis for the repeat participants. The report also includes ROI information based on each participant groups own data.

Health Funds enjoy the following advantages of the Health Dynamics Program:

  • Billed through an existing benefit
  • The most comprehensive exam available, providing tremendous value
  • Accurate clinical measurement of the predictors of costly disease states provides cost saving opportunities
  • Ease of implementation creates minimal administrative burden
  • Data integration capability with existing programs
  • Spouses frequently participate with the member
  • Satisfaction rate (>98%), testimonials and references assure Fund of a quality preventive care program and health enhancement guidance

For more information:

Bob Carpenter, Program Director
Phone: (262) 945-8535