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Epic Hearing Health Care

The Labor/Management Healthcare Coalition of the Upper Midwest is proud to announce it’s endorsement of EPIC Hearing Health Care, the nation’s first specialty care plan devoted to hearing and hearing aids. Founded in 1997, EPIC offers the only true Hearing Service Plan (HSP) designed to carve out coverage for the vital sense of hearing. The EPIC Hearing Service Plan (HSP) provides complementary programs for the management of hearing care and hearing aids. These programs ensure access to high quality providers with defined standards of care, at fixed and pre-negotiated rates.

EPIC Hearing Health Care is a national network of ENT physicians and audiologists. EPIC specializes in tailoring its Hearing Service Plan to meet the unique needs of The Labor/Management Health Care Coalition and their Members. The EPIC Hearing Service Plan (HSP) manages the process of referrals; professional services and diagnostics; access to all technology; and billing and collections. In this manner, members throughout the country can be assured of standardized and consistent procedures for assessment and evaluation, technology selection, programming, and outcomes measurements.

Why Have a Hearing Plan?
Hearing loss is now the #3rd most chronic health problem in our country, and most hearing loss is treatable. It affects over 32 million Americans (1 out of 10) currently and is estimated that this number will double within the next 10 years. Hearing loss is partially caused by aging; however, recent studies indicate that people in their 30’s and 40’s are showing signs of early hearing loss because of industrial and environmental exposure to noise. More than 15% of Baby Boomers (ages 45-64) have hearing loss now; and it is rising rapidly as this group ages. Surveys have suggested that 1 in every 12 thirty year olds suffers from hearing loss. Some of the reasons hearing loss is occurring at younger ages can be associated with work, for example a * 20 year old carpenter without hearing protection can anticipate in 5 years that he will have the ears of a 50 year old who has not been exposed to noise and, more recently, technology such as I-Pods, Blue-tooth devices, and other types of portable media players that have made hearing things louder than ever before popular.(That’s not saying these technologies will cause instant loss; but exposure over time increases the risk.) And, as increasingly more of the working population resort to retiring later in life, Funds are facing a significant increase of union members with hearing issues with little or no coverage for treatment.

* Carpenter ears NIOSH Study
 * Better Hearing Institute

Plan Options:
   1) Insured Hearing Plan

  1. Underwritten by Fidelity Security Life ( A- rating by AM Best)
  2. Covers Hearing Exams and Devices
  3. Competitive Rates (40% Premium Reduction for Coalition Funds)
  4. Flexible Plan Design
  5. Can be offered as a stand alone or bundled in with other core benefits

   2) ASO Savings Plan

  1. Coordination with insured or self funded hearing aid allocation
  2. No premium costs to participate
  3. Prompt and accurate claims process
  4. Detailed analysis and reporting tools

In addition, the plans offer The Labor/Management Health Care Coalition these advantages:

  • Fixed pricing nationwide providing savings from 40-60% off MSRP on manufacturer brand hearing instruments and accessories.
  • Three year warranty included on all hearing aids
  • Free one year supply of batteries
  • Standard monthly, quarterly , and annual utilization reports

EPIC looks forward to serving the Labor/Management Health Care Coalition of the Upper Midwest and its members. Consider hearing an important addition to your health benefits program; it’s an easy turn-key offering.

Downloadable PDFs

For more information please contact:

Mike Reha

Dru Coleman

Joshua Hoover

Phone: (877) 606-3742